Our view

We are strongly opposed to the plain packaging of tobacco products and call on the Government to reject the proposal. Below is an overview of why. For more detail, click the links on the right.

  • There’s no proof that plain packaging would reduce smoking rates in New Zealand.
  • Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of any business. Our brands are our intellectual property, which we have created and in which we have invested. Plain packaging would deprive us of the right to use our brands.
  • Plain packaging would infringe New Zealand’s international obligations, damage its strong trading reputation and expose the country to legal challenges.
  • Plain packaging would make packs easier to counterfeit. A growth in the illegal market would reduce the Government’s excise revenue, expose New Zealand consumers to cheap, low quality, unregulated tobacco products, and fuel a rise in criminal activity.
  • If plain packaging is implemented, adult consumers would no longer have the freedom to choose based on branding. This could force the industry to compete on price, making cigarettes more affordable and frustrating the stated aim of plain packaging.
  • Australia is the only country to have passed plain packaging legislation. Other countries, such as Canada, have looked at plain packaging and decided not to introduce the measure.
  • We have invested in our brands over many years and have a responsibility to our shareholders to do everything we can to defend our right to use them.
  • Plain packaging, once introduced, is unlikely to be limited to tobacco products. Which products will be next?
Click here to read our Plain Packaging Submission